4 Great Uses for Hook & Loop Sheets

In recent years Hook and Loop has become the backing of choice for most woodworking related abrasive uses.  It’s versatile, inexpensive and can be switched without being ruined, unlike it’s PSA cousin.  Hook and Loop comes in many forms, including 9×11 sheets.  Here are the most common uses for 9×11 Hook & Loop Sheets.

1.  Punching 2″ & 3″ Discs

These disc sizes are very popular among woodturners.   In order to save money, many turners will use 9×11 sheets to punch or cut their own 2″ and 3″ discs.   With the ability to get a couple dozen (or more) discs out of a sheet, at the cost of $2 per sheet you are looking at 8 cents or less per disc!

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Top 5 Reasons to Attend A Woodworking Show

We attend about 15 woodworking related trade shows throughout North America every year as a vendor in order to demonstrate our tools for woodworking.    With “Show Season” once again upon us these are the top 5 reasons why we think YOU should attend too!


1.  Connect with other woodworkers!  From Applewood Turning to Zebrawood Marquetry and everything in between, woodworking is a vast industry.  Woodshows are a perfect chance to meet up with other woodworkers from your niche of the industry and check out the portions of the show that most interest you.  Many woodworking related clubs have a booth and use the shows as a chance to let the general public know what they’re all about.  These club members are more than willing to answer questions, give advice and demonstrate what they are doing within the woodworking community.  Woodworking related competitions are another great way to connect with others who share your passion, whether by entering a project of your own or admiring the work of others.  You are bound to meet a friendly face and enjoy some woodworking chit chat while you’re at it.

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Stockroom Supply’s Tools for Woodworking Can Travel

Being the inventor and manufacturer of many of the tools for woodworking we carry, including The Little Ripper mini sawmill, Round Ripper, the Flatmaster Sander, V Drum Sander Kits, and the  Moulding Master contour sander,  - we are also, for the most part the only place in the entire world you can buy these items.  News flash – woodworking is an art practised worldwide, not just here in North America!  This means we are often asked if we can ship these tools for woodworking internationally.  The answer to this is a resounding, YES!

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Repetitive Cuts for your Woodworking Tools Made Easy: Micro Mag Stop Block

Over the years the most common question we’ve gotten about our Little Ripper mini sawmill is “How do you make repetitive cuts when resawing wood?”  We’ve always encouraged customers to make themselves a jig to accomplish this task – that is until now .

Enter the Micro-Mag Stop Block.  This simple, yet ingenious allows for perfectly accurate, repeatable cuts, and not just with our Little Ripper Sawmill, but with many different tools!     Using magnets, to hold the unit in place on a cast iron table plus a micro-adjusting knob to set the thickness, this simple, yet ingenious tool for woodworking allows for perfectly accurate, repeatable cuts.   We originally designed the Micro-Mag Stop Block to be used with our Little Ripper logmill, but  quickly realised it can be a highly useful gadget for many other shop tools.  Place it against a fence on a router table, shaper, bandsaw or tablesaw and turn your standard fence into a micro adjustable fence!

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Stockroom’s Top 5 Woodturning Products

We have been selling woodworking tools in Canada for over 20 years.  In recent years woodturning has shot up in popularity, leading us to increase our selection of woodturning tools. We asked our WOODTURNING clients which of our woodworking supplies were their favourites.  This is what they came up with.



1. Little Ripper/Round Ripper -  Designed for resawing wood, the Little Ripper Sawmill has gained much traction with turners over the past few years.  Whether it’s cutting out the pith, resizing a long to fit your lathe, making a flat side on a burl or making veneer for inlays, the Little Ripper will end up being one of your favourite turning tools.  It’s sister product, the Round Ripper allows you to make bowl blanks.  They’re a match made in woodworking tool Heaven.

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The Perfect Sandpaper for Woodturners

Vessel turned by Don Svob of turningwood.ca

Considering our speciality is sandpaper it’s no surprise that we adhere to the belief that sanding is the most important step in every woodworking project.  Let’s be honest, a bad sanding job can ruin everything you’ve put so much time and effort into.  No body wants that!

Klingspor’s Premium Gold Sandpaper Rolls

Wood turning is no exception, but the finishing stages do come with
some added complications.   Since much of the sanding for turnings takes place while the vessel is spinning on the lathe a specialized form of sandpaper is required – something that will will hold up to the speed, something extremely flexible that won’t clog up and something that will (literally) not crack under pressure.  As far as sandpaper is concerned, that’s a tall order but Klingspor has come
up with a perfect solution.

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Increase the Life of your Belt Sander & Sanding Belts

When it comes to sanding there’s no arguing that the portable belt sander is a beast, or at least we expect it to be.  We give them, and the belts on them the toughest flat sanding jobs we can think of like stripping paint, shaping and hogging down rough wood surfaces in preparation for the later stages of finishing.

The good news is that most  belt sanders are built to last because manufacturers expect that the user will be putting these sanders through the wringer.  Regardless , there are several small steps you can take to ensure that your sander has an even longer, happier life and that you get as much use out of your belts as you possibly can.  Sanders & sandpaper are investments and it’s important to take care of them.

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Replacing the Hooks on your Orbital Sander for Less

We’ve all been there – sanding away with our hook & loop random orbital sander, minding our own business when suddenly our disc flies off.  We re-attach it several times, but it just continues to fly off.  Our frustration level rises and we begin to wonder what is going on – Is it the quality of our sandpaper discs? Is our sander suddenly not functioning correctly?  No and no.   The problem is as simple as worn hooks on our sander face.download (4)

ROS are amazing and helpful little tools, but the more you use them, the better chance you have of wearing out the hook material on the face.  For years the resolution has been to replace the entire pad, but those replacement pads can cost a fortune!  Unless your pad is completely worn and falling apart all you need to do to get your discs to stick is replace the hook face.  For under $7 you can bedownload (5) up and sanding again!

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7 Great Reasons Why You Should Start Crafting Items From Wood


Everyone is an artist, even if one doesn’t want to recognize this or he hasn’t find out yet. Some people love to draw, others love to paint, others to sing and others to compose music. There are also a lot of people who love to create various beautiful items from wood. In fact, woodworking is a wonderful activity that can offer a lot of benefits. If you don’t think that crafting items from wood is a brilliant idea then here are 7 reasons that might make you change your mind.

Free your inner artistic talent

There are enough woodworking tools on the market these days which can help one create fantastic items from wood, no matter how complex or hard they might be. For example, if one wants to craft a beautiful figurine from wood, with the right tools and enough experience he will be able to do this in no time. Crafting various items from wood is a form of art, a way of expressing feelings and emotions. This can start as a hobby and if the woodworker really likes what he does then he can invest more and more time into it, becoming more successful and even famous.

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8 Tips To Remember When Buying Or Using Sandpaper

Everyone is surrounded by items made from wood and these products appear to have a perfect, smooth finish. Well, this is entirely possible thanks to the fact that professional woodworkers use power tools in order to sand items made from wood. If you are crafting anything from wood, at the end of your project you need to sand your wooden pieces in order to give them a flawless finish and prevent splinters from injuring your skin. Here are a couple of interesting tips and tricks related to sandpaper and sanding you might want to know.

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