The Perfect Sandpaper for Woodturners

Vessel turned by Don Svob of

Considering our speciality is sandpaper it’s no surprise that we adhere to the belief that sanding is the most important step in every woodworking project.  Let’s be honest, a bad sanding job can ruin everything you’ve put so much time and effort into.  No body wants that!

Klingspor’s Premium Gold Sandpaper Rolls

Wood turning is no exception, but the finishing stages do come with
some added complications.   Since much of the sanding for turnings takes place while the vessel is spinning on the lathe a specialized form of sandpaper is required – something that will will hold up to the speed, something extremely flexible that won’t clog up and something that will (literally) not crack under pressure.  As far as sandpaper is concerned, that’s a tall order but Klingspor has come
up with a perfect solution.

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Increase the Life of your Belt Sander & Sanding Belts

When it comes to sanding there’s no arguing that the portable belt sander is a beast, or at least we expect it to be.  We give them, and the belts on them the toughest flat sanding jobs we can think of like stripping paint, shaping and hogging down rough wood surfaces in preparation for the later stages of finishing.

The good news is that most  belt sanders are built to last because manufacturers expect that the user will be putting these sanders through the wringer.  Regardless , there are several small steps you can take to ensure that your sander has an even longer, happier life and that you get as much use out of your belts as you possibly can.  Sanders & sandpaper are investments and it’s important to take care of them.

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Replacing the Hooks on your Orbital Sander for Less

We’ve all been there – sanding away with our hook & loop random orbital sander, minding our own business when suddenly our disc flies off.  We re-attach it several times, but it just continues to fly off.  Our frustration level rises and we begin to wonder what is going on – Is it the quality of our sandpaper discs? Is our sander suddenly not functioning correctly?  No and no.   The problem is as simple as worn hooks on our sander (4)

ROS are amazing and helpful little tools, but the more you use them, the better chance you have of wearing out the hook material on the face.  For years the resolution has been to replace the entire pad, but those replacement pads can cost a fortune!  Unless your pad is completely worn and falling apart all you need to do to get your discs to stick is replace the hook face.  For under $7 you can bedownload (5) up and sanding again!

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7 Great Reasons Why You Should Start Crafting Items From Wood


Everyone is an artist, even if one doesn’t want to recognize this or he hasn’t find out yet. Some people love to draw, others love to paint, others to sing and others to compose music. There are also a lot of people who love to create various beautiful items from wood. In fact, woodworking is a wonderful activity that can offer a lot of benefits. If you don’t think that crafting items from wood is a brilliant idea then here are 7 reasons that might make you change your mind.

Free your inner artistic talent

There are enough woodworking tools on the market these days which can help one create fantastic items from wood, no matter how complex or hard they might be. For example, if one wants to craft a beautiful figurine from wood, with the right tools and enough experience he will be able to do this in no time. Crafting various items from wood is a form of art, a way of expressing feelings and emotions. This can start as a hobby and if the woodworker really likes what he does then he can invest more and more time into it, becoming more successful and even famous.

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8 Tips To Remember When Buying Or Using Sandpaper

Everyone is surrounded by items made from wood and these products appear to have a perfect, smooth finish. Well, this is entirely possible thanks to the fact that professional woodworkers use power tools in order to sand items made from wood. If you are crafting anything from wood, at the end of your project you need to sand your wooden pieces in order to give them a flawless finish and prevent splinters from injuring your skin. Here are a couple of interesting tips and tricks related to sandpaper and sanding you might want to know.

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9 Cool Items You Can Craft Using Wood

For thousands of years, wood was one of the most popular, appreciated and widely available construction materials in the world. Everyone used wood in order to create shelters, tools, weapons and so on and even today, wood is still a great construction material. Professional woodworkers can craft a plethora of interesting items from wood which might have practical as well as decorative purposes. Here are some of the coolest and most interesting items made from wood.

Wooden laptop cases

The laptop cases are usually made of different materials such as vinyl, neoprene, etc and they can protect a laptop from scratches and shocks without problems. However, some woodworkers had the brilliant idea to make a laptop case from wood only. Such laptop cases look gorgeous, they are very durable and they can keep the laptop safe for a very long period of time. Obviously, the cases feature some padding on the inside in order to prevent the laptop from jumping around while it is being transported.

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9 Essential Tools In The Woodworker’s Arsenal

Woodworking is the favorite hobby of millions of people all over the world and this type of activity can be very rewarding, both financially and morally. Basically, all that you have to do is to use your imagination and the right tools in order to craft different beautiful items from wood. If you would like to try to create a jewelry box from wood, for example, here are some of the most important woodworking tools that you need to acquire.

The work bench

This is one of the most important items in the woodworker’s arsenal. The work bench needs to be quite spacious and very stable, so that the woodworker can cut pieces of woods in various shapes with little to no effort. The best place where a work bench should be installed is in the garage or in the basement because it tends to occupy a lot of space.

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Are You Choosing The Right Bandsaw Blade?


Whether you are a professional carpenter or you are a beginner, choosing the right tools is vital. The tools you use can have a huge effect on the results of your project. One of the most important tools in the wood shop is a bandsaw. Choosing the right blade for your bandsaw will depend on different factors including the type of bandsaw, the condition of the bandsaw and the material to be cut. It is important to realize that it is not possible for one blade to work perfectly for every function or purpose. Some jobs will require special blades to get the best results.

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A Simple Guide To Help You Buy Sanding Disks


Sanding disks are useful tools that help to remove paint from a wide range of objects or surfaces. They help to prepare the wood or metal surface for finishing. There are several sanding tools that can be used for different jobs. Sanding disks come in handy when you want to shape plastic or straighten curves. There are also certain disks that can sand plaster and even remove rust on metal. Some types of disks grind the surface while others polish. When you need to buy new disks, you need to check the disks that were previously used in the sanding machine so that you can replace them with the exact type.

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Using The Best Woodworking Tools To Salvage Your Old Wooden Staircase


One of the most underappreciated features in an old home is the stair case. This is a real shame when you think about the abuse the features have to handle each day. It is not enough to admire the great spiral shape and beautiful balustrades when you do not think about the damage you are doing when tugging heavy objects over the steps! It is not a wonder that many old staircases often groan and creak and they even start to fall apart at the seams. It is also not unusual for the wood to look worn and scruffy after a while. Fortunately, you can salvage your staircase and ensure that it looks as good as new.

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